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MSNBC apologizes

Keith Olbermann does an excellent job apologizing for David Shuster in particular but the network in general. The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel points out what we already know. Chris Matthews has a terrible track record for opening his mouth and saying something inappropriate about Hillary Clinton. Bill Moyers Journal did a segment on the misogynistic things that have written, printed and published about Hillary Clinton. Big Tent Democrat is taking John Marshall of TPM media to the woodshed for …. I’m not quite sure for what. Marshall didn’t acknowledge MSNBC’s long history of stupidity? I don’t know. I think that Josh

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Robert Johnson apologizes to Obama

I remember I was in 3rd and 4th grade we used to have this crack sessions.  Not that type of crack!!  Hell, this was 1970 and there was no crack cocaine, that I knew of, at the time.  Crack sessions were when you and your friends would sit around and insult each other.  You know – You’re mother was so fat when she sat around the house, she SAT around the house.  I’m guessing that was what Billionaire Robert Johnson thought he was doing when he was stumping for Hillary Clinton last week and happened to mention that Obama was doing

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Rush apologizes…sort of

Michael J Fox has done several ads for progressive candidates.  In deference to my good friend, Theron, I will say that the stem cell research debate has oversimplified a very complex issue.  But then again, that is what politics has become these days.  Whether it is border security — if you don’t support building a fence and you don’t support border security; the war against terrorists — if you don’t support a bill which basically destroys habeas corpus then you are for the terrorists. So, Michael J. Fox has a very moving commercial which Rush Limbaugh takes it upon himself to comment

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