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Bush Legacy Is Still Fresh

Over the last several days I’ve had the pleasure of several people coming up to me and asking what I thought about President Obama and Syria. Almost everybody I talk to questions whether the president was telling the truth, not because they inherently distrust Barack Obama, but because they had a fresh memory of George W. Bush and his war machine. As I was watching John Kerry present before the Senate Armed Services Committee, I had flashbacks of Colin Powell presenting in front of the UN. The problem is that we don’t know what the actual data show. We have no

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Bush cheerleaders continue the charm offensive

Over the last several months we’ve been inundated by professional Bush apologists. These are people who have been trying to convince us that Bush was not as bad as we all think he was. The latest in this long line of revisionist historians is Tara Wall. In an article published on CNN.com, she waxes poetically about President George W. Bush. She, like many Bush apologists, believe that George W. Bush more than anything else has kept America safe. There has not been another terrorist attack since 9/11. No one seems to want to discuss the anthrax scare that we endured after

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