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Good Saturday Morning – News Roundup: Carpet Bombing

Senator Ted Cruz proved that he will say anything. He has used the term “carpet-bomb” on a number of occasions. He wants to “carpet-bomb” ISIS (ISOL) without having civilian casualties. This is a pipe dream, but in a season where candidates will say anything and do anything to get a leg up on their opponents, it should be no surprise that Senator Cruz has resorted to “carpet-bombing.” I don’t think that Cruz is stupid or ignorant. I think that he knows what carpet-bombing means and wants to sound tough. Minority Report (again): In the movie Minority Report, pre-cogs (fancy pyschics) were

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Government Shutdown – Day 15

Tell me if you have heard this one before. The government shutdown is dragging on and there is no end in sight. Well, it looks as if we are making some progress. I mentioned that we would have be close to October 17th and it looks like I was right. The House is too dysfunctional to really get anything done. So, once again, the Senate has taken the ball. Here’s what we know – The emerging agreement would extend the Treasury Department’s borrowing authority until February 7th, reopen the government and fund federal agencies through mid-January, according to aides and lawmakers

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Government Shutdown – Day 11

There is nothing going on with the government shutdown. As long as the GOP insists on holding the government and the American people hostage – there really isn’t anything to talk about. From NYT: Budget negotiations broke down on Saturday — just days before the nation reaches its borrowing limit — as angry Republicans said that President Obama had rejected their latest offer. “It’s now up to the Senate Republicans to stand up,” said Representative Raúl R. Labrador of Idaho after House Republicans left a closed-door meeting in the Capitol. The message from Speaker John A. Boehner had been grim, Republicans

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