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Wednesday Afternoon News Roundup

John Brennan, President Obama’s terrorism advisor, said something really stupid about no collateral damage from predator drones. For some reason, Glenn Greenwald has taken him seriously. Anything that includes man has to include some amount of error. We are not perfect. I don’t care how diligent we are at looking at photos and reviewing intelligence. We can still make errors. Just today, as I was walking out of the Biltmore estate a very nice gentleman offered my condolences since “my wife fell.” Nope, my wife did not fall. (I was actually walking with my mother, but no biggie). We make mistakes

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What's Going On: Evening News Round-up

Robert Novak, the Chicago Sun-Times columnist who published Valarie Plame’s name, is retiring suddenly. It appears that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I although I disagree with Novak’s politics, no one deserves a brain tumor. I hope that he is able to get well soon. The House Republicans were trying to make a big deal of the House adjourning without passing some energy legislation. They were hoping that the White House would go along with their game. The White House balked. A new national poll shows that low-wage workers support Senator Barack Obama two to one over Senator

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Op-Ed by Tom Daschle – Anthrax

From WaPo: Oct. 15, 2001, is a day I’ll never forget. On that day one of my staff members opened an anthrax-laced letter addressed to me, and my office became a part of the deadliest bioterrorism attack in U.S. history. Anthrax was also sent through the mail to a number of other people and organizations — the National Enquirer, the New York Post, broadcaster Tom Brokaw and Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont. These attacks killed five people, injured 17 others, disrupted operations all over Capitol Hill and alarmed an entire nation. Twenty-eight people, including 20 on my staff, tested positive for

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