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Ricin Investigation – Getting Stranger

So, the last time I talked about this ricin investigation, the FBI had some Elvis impersonator from Mississippi in custody. That was so yesterday… Paul Kevin Curtis was the man who was arrested. The FBI and the news media let us to believe that this was an open and shut case. Not so fast. Paul Kevin Curtis is now out on bail. The FBI is currently ransacking (carefully searching) the house of Everett Dutschke. This case is getting stranger and stranger. From WaPo: Everett Dutschke said in a phone interview with The Associated Press that the FBI was at his home

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What's Going On: Evening News Roundup

Sunday evening news Roundup: A new paper from the Economic Policy Institute and the Center for American Progress reinforces what we already know — supply-side economics does not work. It does not create more jobs. It does not increase investment. It does not increase revenue for the government. None of the things that supply-siders told us turned out to be true. Surprised? The Washington Post has a long article on Governor Palin’s tenure as Mayor of Wasilla. In sum, this long article tells us that she didn’t do much. She made a lot of enemies. Not a great legacy. There’s a

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