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Where’s the Outrage? 11/4/06 Podcast

Wow, I have gotten behind in posting my radio show again. Here’s the podcast. (I thought that I would re-publish this since MSNBC has put out a documentary titled Hubris.) Why aren’t elections held on Saturdays when most people are off?  If you want folks to vote, then why would you hold elections on Tuesdays? John Kerry’s gaffe.  In the video, Kerry clearly loses his place.  The Republicans go crazy over his gaffe.  His reaction to the Republicans finger pointing was worse than the stumble in the first place. How do you decide who to vote for?  No, seriously.  How do

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Why John McCain is wrong on Syria

John McCain, the same guy who sang Bomb, Bomb Iran, thinks that we need to bomb Syria. Why? Sure, I know that the Syrian government is killing their own citizens. The question is do we have a dog in this hunt? The answer is no. We don’t have any national interest in Syria. There is no oil in Syria. There are no shipping lanes thru Syria. Our job is not to jump into every conflict in the world. As a superpower, our job should be to try to use all of the tools in our toolbox to try to stop the

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Jeff Gannon posts a comment

Would you believe that Jeff Gannon is still around? He has a blog. Well, that’s not surprising. Everybody has a blog but the fact that he believes that he was a real reporter, that’s surprising. Read his canned response to my post. He is peddling the story that the “old media” is bad. He is the answer. Jeff Gannon, man escort, is the answer. Mr. Gannon’s real name is James D. “JD” Guckert. He has a book that is coming out. Why? I’m not sure. Who is going to buy a book from this guy? What is he an expert on?

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