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Monday Afternoon News Roundup

Monday Afternoon News Roundup

Who doesn’t pay income taxes?

On Thursday, Ann Romney told a local television station that her biggest concern about her husband’s being elected president would be for “his mental well-being.” I don’t know. I just find the whole thing strangely worded. It makes it sound as if Mitt Romney has some sort of mental disorder. It makes it sound as if Mitt Romney could not stand up or hold up to the pressure of being president. I don’t think that’s what she meant to say. I don’t think that Mitt Romney has any mental defects. I think that Mitt Romney’s ideas are simply wrong.

Thousands protest austerity measures in France. Spanish police decided it was a bad idea to stand by and let people protest against austerity.

Here is the director of National Intelligence’s statement on Benghazi and the murder of our ambassador.

The New York Times had an interesting interview with John Sununu. I had problems with this interview from the very start. He starts off by saying that he was working for Romney because he “was scared to death for my kids and grandkids.” Scared to death? Why? Because of the deficit? Because Obama wants to set up some Muslim caliphate? Because Barack Obama was going to enlist them into some socialist nightmare?I just don’t understand. He didn’t say that he was worried about the country. He didn’t say he was worried about policies that he disagreed with. Instead, he stated that he was scared to death. It is this type of over-the-top rhetoric that makes our whole political process nauseating. Yet, John Sununu did not stop there. He decided to go ahead and wander into the deep end of the pool. He was asked about the Democratic convention and whether the Democrats flouted the death of Osama bin Laden. Instead of sticking with reality, John Sununu, a Mitt Romney spokesperson, decided to state that Barack Obama was not aggressive enough and passed up two or three earlier opportunities to get Osama bin Laden. It appears that John Sununu was quoting from Richard Miniter’s book which is been widely discredited. I simply don’t understand why John Sununu, a mainstream Republican, would go down this crazy, conspiracy-fueled line of thinking. Steve has more. (more…)

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Ann Romney

One of the highlights of the RNC was Ann Romney. I found her a little hard to take as she was telling me how difficult it was to raise five boys. I was trying to find the right sentiment and I found it on BlacknBougie.

From BnB:

Ann’s battle with MS would have been a great platform to explain what kind of healthcare plan Mitt foresees for the future of America. What is he going to do for people like me who came out of pocket to the tune of $22,000 in one year for healthcare? What about those who had to do without? What about job creation? Economic stimulus? Border security? Education? Senior care? Restructuring the NCAA BCS playoff system? I mean, throw us a bone Ann. Give me something so that I can find some commonality betwixt Team Romney and 90% of the nation?

As she stood there in her silk-suited, blond-haired, Botoxed glory; I shook my head. Bless her entitled heart. She doesn’t get it. She shared some story about her and Mitt eating tuna fish in a basement apartment but um ur – you both came from families of means. If you are walking a tightrope that is only one foot off the ground with a safety net, restraints and a paramedic on standby – that’s not struggle. Look, I don’t need an “up from the streetz” story to get behind you, but I need you to say something that resonates. Hell, I didn’t come from struggle. I’m not looking for an up-by-the-bootstraps story, I’m looking to see what you did with the boot once it was on your foot.

If her job was to keep Mitt from looking like Richie Rich sitting on stacks while the rest of us are trying to making a dollar out of fifteen cents – she failed miserably. If her job was to tell us how awesome being in love with a rich successful man who loves you back is, she wins.

But is that all you got? Alright then. I believe Mitt would make a great President… of the neighborhood association of whatever gated community they live in. And that’s where he and his lovely wife Ann should stay.

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No more tax returns

Ann Romney has clearly told us – no more tax returns. None. Why, you might ask? Because we, the Romney’s, have been attacked. Psst, Ms. Romney… did you not understand that this is American politics?? Did you not see what GWB did to John McCain?? Ms. Romney, did you not see what happened to Valerie Plame? Ms. Romney went on – Mitt Romney is a good, decent saint of a man. He pays his taxes. His wife says so. That should the end of the story. Remember, the wife of Dominique Strauss Kahn stood behind him after his sexual assault charges (it was only after the second or third round of charges that she began to distance herself. Oh, she actually is legally separated.) So, in my opinion, it is foolish and crazy to take the word of a nominee’s wife. Instead, Mitt Romney needs to prove to us that he is in fact a good, decent man as his wife suggests. As a matter of fact, I think it is time for us to pull out that old Ronald Reagan line – Trust, but verify.

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