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Trayvon Martin – Who let the crazies out?

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Seriously. What the hell? Since the moment I first started blogging on Trayvon Martin, I have asked for cooler heads to prevail. All I want is justice to be done. I want a thorough investigation. I would like for somebody to tell me why George Zimmerman was not arrested and placed behind bars on the night of the shooting. We’re getting more and more extraneous information having little or nothing to do with the events on that fateful night. The fact that George Zimmerman was required to take anger

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I understand how difficult it is to try to figure out fact from fiction in our world of political hyperbole. Almost nobody plays it straight anymore. Almost everybody is trying to twist the facts to their own advantage. Then, in order to get the “appropriate” media exposure you really need to say something outrageous. Michele Bachmann is/was the queen of outrageous. She has made a career out of saying the most outlandish and fact-challenging statements and has lived in the land of confusion and lies for most of her political career. Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter are just a

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Bachmann is a close-minded fundamentalist, perfect for the 1890s

I have a very hard time commenting on Michele Bachmann. It is like with Ann Coulter. I really can’t talk about her either. I don’t have anything nice to say about either of them. Bachmann is truly special. From The Root: GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has signed a conservative pledge called “The Marriage Vow — A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family.” It’s not surprising that it’s anti-abortion, anti-same sex marriage and anti-divorce. But one particular piece has everyone up in arms over the idea that she and other signatories think that black people were better off during slavery:

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