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Friday Morning News Roundup

Yesterday, the president spoke at the University of Miami and basically defended a balanced approach to solving our energy crisis. He was 100% correct in pointing out that simply drilling here, there and everywhere is not an answer to our problems. Instead we need to invest in developing all forms of alternative energy. Some progressives had a problem with the fact that he did include nuclear power in the discussion. Personally, I think we need to back away from nuclear power. I believe that we must actually have a solution as to how we’re going to get rid of the nuclear

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The Errington Thompson Show 8-8-09

This is a barrel of fun and information.  Enjoy! There’s been a lot of craziness in the news this week and I can think of nobody better to unravel the craziness than Bill Scher from Liberal Oasis and Campaign for America’s Future. Bill is correct to point out we could have no better adversary. We can either have somebody intelligently discussing the conservative approach to health care reform or these angry mobs screaming at our congressmen. Once the press began to focus on the mobs Liberals clearly appeared to be rational and thoughtful. Also, the press suggested, at the beginning of

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