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Andy Murray wins Wimbledon

Congratulations to Andy Murray. I thought he was done. I didn’t think that he could break through. I was wrong. He is really playing great, smart tennis. He was pulling off Roger Federer-type shots. Andy Murray wins Wimbledon. From ESPN:

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What's Going on: News Roundup

I’ll try and be more consistent with my news roundups. Sometimes my day job can be overwhelming. The National Football League’s most valuable player, Tom Brady, is done for the year. This is almost the exact same type of play that caused Carson Palmer to have major surgery 18 months ago. I’m not Tom Brady fan. I am a football fan. This is a sad day for the NFL. Roger Federer and Andy Murray of Great Britain are playing the U.S. Open finals championship as I type this. He is currently trailing two sets to none. A story that came out

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