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NFL week 9: Thoughts and Predictions

I’m sorry that I did not get this out before Thursday night football. It’s been an extremely busy week at the office. One of the big games in college football was Stanford versus Oregon. Everybody’s been hyping Andrew Luck as the greatest thing since sliced bread. We’ve seen this before. Now, while on national TV, he was 27 – 41. He threw three touchdowns and two interceptions as Stanford lost to Oregon 53-30. In order to win the Heisman Trophy, you really need to shine in these big games. New Orleans Saints versus Atlanta Falcons – This is a huge game.

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NFL week 8: hits and misses

Hits Cincinnati Bengals – Did you know that the Cincinnati Bengals are 5-2? Andy Dalton is playing just well enough with a quarterback rating of 82.7. It is their defense that’s keeping them on the field. Cincinnati is ranked fourth in overall defense. They are second in stopping the run. Philadelphia Eagles – Every time I try to write off Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, they do something spectacular. Towards the end of last season and now for most of this season, we haven’t seen the pinpoint accuracy that Michael Vick showed in the middle of last season. Well, that

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NFL: Week Five (Al Davis and this week’s predictions)

Today it was announced that Al Davis died earlier this morning. Al Davis was the heart and soul of the Oakland Raiders for over four decades. Al Davis is one of the main reasons that the NFL is the entertaining money machine that we see now. He was an integral part in the merger between the AFL and the NFL. This was a guy who loved to win. He will be deeply missed. You can read more here, here and here. Morning Games Philadelphia Eagles versus Buffalo Bills – What happened to the Buffalo Bills last week? A lot of people

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