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Saturday Morning News Roundup (Update)

The ongoing struggle in Wisconsin politics has taken an unexpected turn. As you know, Wisconsin is currently in the midst of trying to recall their governor, Scott Walker. Several Senate legislators are also part of the recall effort. Pam Galloway, Republican, has resigned. The Republican control of the Senate has now been lost. Osama bin Laden tried to focus on, attack and assassinate General David Petraeus and President Barack Obama. I guess this news is not really surprising. Yet, we found information in his stash of notes that he thought that this was extremely important. The real reason oil prices are

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Clueless at Fox News

C&L were counting down their best videos of the year. The third best was this one. This is Sarah Palin and Greta trying to rip the president over his Libyan policy. Sure, Sarah Palin was her typical clueless self, but once again this clip reveals how the Right wanted Obama to invade with a major offensive. Instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars and losing hundreds if not thousands of troops, we accomplished our objective and didn’t lose one American soldier. Not one. A boil on the butt of the world is gone and we helped to make it happen.

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TDS – Sugar and spice

Who would prejudge a beautiful well dressed blonde? Well, I would for one. I try not to prejudge any one but it happens. Lara Logan is a beautiful woman who has been in Iraq for over 5 years. I just didn’t think that she would bring it. I thought she would sugar coat what’s going on. NOT!! In your face!! She doesn’t pull any punches. When was the last time that the American people has seen a dead American soldier. That was one of her rhetorical questions. Jon Stewart was blown away by her frankness. The Daily Show – Lara LoganTags:

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