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News Roundup – Government Shutdown, Iran, Marital Secrets

For those who like the creepy or macabre, there’s video of Aaron Alexis walking around the Navy Yard with a Remington 870 shotgun. I don’t see how we avoid a government shutdown. The Democrats are not going to negotiate on a bill that’s already passed Congress and has already been verified by the Supreme Court. ObamaCare is the law of the land. The Democrats are not going to back down or cave on this issue. President Barack Obama said that he is not going to negotiate with the good faith and credit of the American government. I think this is the

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I continue to be worried and somewhat haunted by what happened in Benghazi several weeks ago. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I would like to be able to blow off what happened in Benghazi, Libya as an isolated incident of violence. I would like to believe that it was just one of those things that happen. But ever since the story broke, I have had this nagging feeling that there’s more to this. The United States ambassador was killed. We really have not gotten a good explanation of how the ambassador ended up at

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More to talk about this Tuesday evening

Israeli Prime Minister¬†Benjamin Netanyahu laid out criteria for peace in an address before Congress. The one point that he made that I think deserves underscoring is that the leadership of Israel has acknowledged that there needs to be a Palestinian state, but the leadership of the Palestinian Authority has never said there should be and must be an Israeli state. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is going to stand trial for killing or ordering the killing of unarmed protesters. As a rule, if you’re an ousted dictator, you need to get out of the country. Do you remember when gas prices

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