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Sunday News Roundup

After 9/11 and the billions if not trillions of dollars that we spent in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world, one would figure that we would not support terrorism of any kind. I guess that’s not true. A new article by Seymour Hersh clearly suggests that not only are we training terrorists, we are exporting those terrorist other countries. I urge everyone to read this thoughtful and compelling article. (By the way, I deplore the foreign-policy axiom – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.) Veteran journalist Mike Wallace has died at the age of 93. There are only

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Monday Evening News Roundup

I’m still recovering over my disappointment… No, that’s not right. Frustration? No, that’s not quite the right word either. I’m still recovering after witnessing the utter collapse of the Dallas Cowboys on national TV. I have no idea how a team that is supposed to go deep into the playoffs loses a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter. More on this later. Staying on sports, Serena Williams lost to Samantha Stosur on Sunday. (No, that’s not right either. I’m having trouble choosing the right words. Sorry.) Samantha Stosur dominated and embarrassed Serena Williams like we’ve never seen in a grand

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Labor Day News Roundup

Many of us are not able to camp outdoor cookout today because of heavy rains. The rains are welcome. These rains are helping the swamp fires in southern Louisiana. The EU and NATO believe that we are safer 10 years after 9/11. I think they’re probably right. New survey shows that almost 70% of Americans believe that we’re in a serious to moderate recession. This should be no surprise. With tens of millions of Americans either unemployed or underemployed and the economy stuck in neutral Americans are feeling the squeeze. The New York Stock Exchange is closed today but stocks opened

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