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Giuliani – America's mayor, really?

I’m sorry that I don’t follow the crowd.  I almost always ask questions.  If my questions are answered to my satisfaction then I’ll be happy to follow. So, why have many folks jumped on Rudy Giuliani’s band wagon.  What did he do?  He was the mayor of New York on 9-11.  He walked in the streets after the attack while our president was flying around in Air Force One.  What did Rudy do to make New York or the Firefighters or the Police safer?  Did he move the command center?  No.  Did he change the radios which didn’t work in the

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America's mayor

Well, Rudy Giuliani continues to get crowds.  He continues to march closer to running for president.  Why?  What has he done?  Crooks and Liars has a great post on Guiliani.  He was not a great mayor unless you were rich…hey, wait a minute.  Bush is a terrible president unless you are in the upper 1% tax bracket.  Ed Shultz has a great question the other day. Between McCain, Giuliani and Newt how many ex-wives.  5!!!  These are the leading candidates for the “mortal” Republican party.

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