Obama Revolution Finally Hits Home – Regina Benjamin, MD

I know Regina Benjamin, MD. We sat on the AMA’s Committee to End HeathCare Disparities. I know her to be a very thoughtful person.¬†She was never overbearing, yet she had a sense of urgency. She grew up and works on the Gulf shore. Her clinic was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. She understands the problems in our health care system as well as anybody in America. I could spend a moment talking about all of her accomplishments but I wouldn’t do them or her any justice. What you can’t read on a resume is the fact that she cares about her patients. She also cares about those patients that she can’t see. President Obama could not have chosen a better person, in my opinion, for the post of Surgeon General of the United States.

There are several great posts on Dr. Benjamin. Here are a couple –here and here. Of course, now the question is will she be allowed to really speak on health issues?