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Saturday Night News Roundup

Saturday Night News Roundup So, what happened with Benghazi? Hillary Clinton went in front of the Senate and the House and Republicans had nothing. Basically, they rehash the same old arguments and the same old allegations. The bottom line, as I see it, is that our embassy in Benghazi was attacked. Neither President Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton attacked our embassy. Instead, our embassy was attacked by a group that was some sort of offshoot of Al Qaeda. I do not think that the American people learned anything. I have no idea what’s going on in Mali. Sometimes I wonder what

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Saturday Morning News Roundup

Tornadoes. Death. It is amazing that in the first week of March we are talking about deadly tornadoes across the Midwest and South. Indiana. Kentucky. Tennessee. Alabama. Last night, a story broke in the NFL in which bounties seem to be paid to New Orleans Saints defensive players for “knockout” hits. The substance of the story is nothing new. Over the past 20 or 30 years, there have been rumors that players have been paid for extra big hits. During the Buddy Ryan era, while he was with the Philadelphia Eagles, there were rumors that bounties were paid in order to

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Say it ain’t so – Is the birther movement dead?

The judge in Georgia, who was wasting his time listening to this bogus case, decided that he has had enough. From Outside the Beltway: The birther movement suffered yet another totally predictable setback yesterday when a Georgia Administrative Law Judge ruled that President Obama was eligible to be President under the Constitution and would appear on Georgia’s ballot: President Barack Obama’s name will remain on the Georgia primary ballot after a state law judge flatly rejected legal challenges that contend he can not be a candidate. In a 10-page order, Judge Michael Malihi dismissed one challenge that contended Obama has a computer-generated

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