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Colin Kaepernick

Before this game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers, there was lots of talk in the NFL about whether Jim Harbaugh really made the right decision by switching to Colin Kaepernick from Alex Smith. Alex Smith was playing good football. If I’m not mistaken, his quarterback rating was over 100. He was not turning the ball over. It was not exciting football, but he was winning. I think most, if not all, critics have now been silenced. Wow! Colin Kaepernick completely and totally exposed the Green Bay Packers defense. He rushed for 181 yards on the ground and

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NFL week 9: Thoughts and Predictions

From the New York Times, here are this week’s win probabilities: Pwin GAME Pwin 0.36 Miami at Kansas City 0.64 0.45 Atlanta at Indianapolis 0.55 0.17 Tampa Bay at New Orleans 0.83 0.32 Jets at Buffalo 0.68 0.19 Seattle at Dallas 0.81 0.15 Cleveland at Houston 0.85 0.44 San Francisco at Washington 0.56 0.34 Cincinnati at Tennessee 0.66 0.29 Denver at Oakland 0.71 0.37 Giants at New England 0.63 0.46 St. Louis at Arizona 0.54 0.52 Green Bay at San Diego 0.48 0.34 Baltimore at Pittsburgh 0.66 0.28 Chicago at Philadelphia 0.72 So, everybody was hyping the LSU versus Alabama. The

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NFL Week Six – Hits and Misses

Carson Palmer, who was sitting on his Barcalounger all season, has been sent from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders. Personally, I thought that Jason Campbell who has a broken collarbone could be back to play in a couple weeks after surgery. I know that most of the “experts” are saying that it’s going to be closer to six weeks, but I thought with a relatively small incision and the fact that he is an athlete, he could be back out there a little bit faster. Anyway, I think that Carson Palmer going to Oakland is good for both Oakland

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