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Countdown – Alberto

For some reason, many liberal blogs haven’t picked up this story.  They should.  On the other hand, maybe they are so deflated after the Scooter Libby thing.  Maybe they are trying to do what it appears the Democratic Congress is doing, waiting until after the November election to fix everything. We need to continue to try to do the right thing.  We need to continue to support the constitution.  We need to continue to hold hearings.  We need to continue to investigate.  Democrats have to be against torture and for human rights while at the same time be against terrorists. I

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Poor Alberto; Poor Vick

Alberto Gonzales the man that was at the center of so much badness in the Bush Administration is/has stepped down. President Bush has spoken in support of Alberto since the beginning of the various scandals. Glenn Greenwald, who is coming to Asheville on September the 13th, has a great post on him. Glenn rightly states that the Democrats have an opportunity to say that they are not going to accept neocon, yes men from Bush any more. Michael Vick who really has nothing to do with Alberto Gonzales threw himself on the mercy of the American people in his first press

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Impeach Alberto

The CarpetBagger had 2 great posts yesterday on Alberto Gonzales. Leaks to the Washington Post and New York Times seem to show how the White House is going to try to spin Alberto out of his current mess. They are trying to say that Alberto was talking about the questionable data mining operation and not the domestic spying program. The argument has so many holes in it you can drive a truck thru it. Alberto Gonzales personifies truthiness (coined by Stephen Colbert). There is a speck of truth in most of what he says therefore it is very hard to call

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