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Bigotry 101 (update)

When I first heard the Alabama governor proclaim that only Christians were his “brothers and sisters,” I figured that he misspoke. Why would you want to alienate all non-Christians? This would seem to be an easy fix. Oops, I got carried away or I didn’t follow my written text and I misspoke. Everyone is my brother and sister because like Jesus, I love my fellow man and woman. But, no. He didn’t say any such thing. His “clarification,” three days later, just re-enforced his statement. As a matter of fact, it did more. He really isn’t embracing all Christians, either… just

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Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid: We need leadership on healthcare.

Crooks and Liars readers. Thanks for coming by! Thanks to BlueGal for the link. I appreciate it. Please take a look around. I think that you will like my blog! Several years ago, when the Democrats took over the House, they elected Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker. I thought that was an interesting choice. (Interesting, in this context, is not really a compliment.) When Harry Reid was chosen to lead the Democrats in the Senate, I thought it was odd. Now, as we look back over the last three years, what is the tough legislation that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi

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Rove and Miers to testify (Video added)

The House Judiciary Committee has released a statement that they have secured with the White House and former President George Bush for Harriet Miers and Karl Rove to testify on the US Attorney firings. I don’t know what will really happen. I doubt that we will see Rove being open and candid. Rachel Maddow has a great segment on this. She interviews Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, who may have been wrongly imprisoned. Watch the video: Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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