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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

By now, everybody knows about the earthquake which occurred in Virginia yesterday. I felt it here in Asheville, North Carolina. The news coverage from the mainstream media was over the top to say the least. There appears to been some damage to the National Cathedral. There appears to be only minor damage to the Washington Monument. The North Anna nuclear power plant, which is located on an earthquake fault line, shut down yesterday as a precautionary measure. At least, that’s what we were told yesterday. Today, we find out that its off-site power supply had been lost. It was basically using

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I'm a happy guy but…

Basically, I’m a happy guy. I love to laugh. I’m married to beautiful, thoughtful, supportive wife. I’m living my childhood dream. I’m a doctor. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail that touched a nerve. It was about happiness. The first paragraph reported that polls show that vast majority of Americans are unhappy with the direction of our country and our President’s leadership. The e-mail went on to berate Americans for being unhappy. We have a great economy, it said. We have jobs and a roof over our heads. It went on and on then ended with the question –

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Jena 6 – Mychal Bell might be out soon

It appears that Mychal Bell may be out of jail soon. The DA has decided not to appeal a judges decision that Mychal should have been tried as a juvenile. Also, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco meet with Martin Luther King, III, Al Sharpton and others yesterday. ——- From WaPo: Gov. Kathleen Blanco, with Martin Luther King III and the Rev. Al Sharpton at her side, announced Wednesday that she had spoken with Walters and asked him to reconsider pushing to keep the case in the adult system. She said Walters told her he had decided not to appeal the ruling. <snip>

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