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Saturday Night/Sunday Morning News Roundup

Kevin Costner did a marvelous job at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is really caught between a rock and a hard place. He really has to win Michigan. Losing his home state of Michigan would be as devastating to him as losing Tennessee was to Al Gore (it cost him the election). The fact that Newt Gingrich has gotten another injection of millions of dollars of cash can only help Mitt Romney. The Republican Party seems to be split up into those who can’t stand Mitt Romney and those who think he’s okay. Rick Santorum is taking most

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Sea Levels Rising

A new study says that sea levels are rising at the fastest rate in 2000 years. (Above–The sea is all around us.) Is this complete proof that global warming is taking place and causing the seas to rise? You can’t prove it for 100%. Any bit of doubt allows corporate intrests–and the Republican Party that corporate interests own–to avoid discussing this issue in any serious fashion. Here is the EPA climate change website. I know— The EPA website is socialist plot to take away our SUV’s and make us all drive Yugos. The new sea level study has been completed with funding

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Snow and Global Warming

I knew this was coming. Who’s surprised? From TP; Last night on his Fox News show, Sean Hannity claimed that the recent spate of winter snow storms in the Washington, D.C. region clearly means that the planet isn’t warming. He then attacked Vice President Gore, calling his anti-global warming advocacy “hysterical”: HANNITY: And tonight’s “Meltdown” is brought to you by the D.C. snow storm, you know, the storm that dumped about two feet of snow on the Washington area over the weekend causing thousands of power outages and keeping many people home from work today. And it’s the most severe winter

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