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Grab bag — Saturday morning version

* The Errington Thompson Show will be streaming live at 9 AM. My special guests are Linda Monk, constitutional scholar and author of the fabulous book, The Words We Live By. We’ll talk about the new Supreme Court ruling and what this means to campaign finance and free speech. I will also talk with Patrick Fitzsimmons, the executive director of Western North Carolina’s Red Cross. We will talk about the relief efforts in Haiti. * Speaking of Haiti, did you see that fabulous benefit concert last night? That was amazing. Have you given? * Britain has raised its terrorist threat alert

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What's going on – Friday Night News Roundup

Friday Night News Roundup Tomorrow on the Errington Thompson Show (9 am EST – streaming here), I’ll have as my special guests best-selling author and Air America radio host, Thom Hartmann and from the popular news website, Buzz Flash, its editor Mark Karlin. Minnesota Republican Michelle Bachmann cannot take her foot out of her mouth. As the McCain Campaign continues to try to paint Sarah Palin as the girl next door, we find out that the girl next door has a hairstylist that gets paid more in two weeks than the average American gets paid in six months ($22,800). Barack Obama

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Rachel Maddow Gets Her Own Show

I love to read the blog The CarpetBaggerReport because Steve is simple great. But he is closing his blog to work for the Washington Monthly, a publication which gave another friend of mine his start in the media business. I wish Steve the best in his new job. The CarpetbaggerReport wrote the following: I’m very rarely encouraged by any of the decisions made by major news outlets. Yesterday afternoon, however, was a spectacular exception. Rachel Maddow has been sounding off about politics on MSNBC so often she might as well have her own show. And now she does. The liberal commentator

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