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Poor in America – it ain't getting better

There are many ways to look at poverty.  No matter how you slice it, poverty has been worse and tougher under the Bush Administation.  Reuters reports that “he poorest people in the United States are still struggling to recover from the effects of a recession that ended six years ago, making them very vulnerable as the country stands on the brink of a new downturn.” Typically, the time between recessions are periods when poverty declines. But for the last six years, while the stock market boomed, poverty increased from 11.7 percent in 2001 to 12.3 in 2007. “It’s unusual in an

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Salt -n- Pepa – Ain't Nothing but a She thang

Salt -n- Pepa had a run just like most of the groups that that I have on my blog. They had 4 or 5 hits including Ain’t Nothing but a She Thang, then poof, they were gone off the charts.  Their first hit Push It was the B-side of some other record.  San Francisco DJ Cameron Paul remixed Push It then Salt -n- Pepa blew up.  I won’t begin to try to tell the convoluted tale of this band.  They have their own reality show like everyone else on VH1.

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Ain't life funny, Mr. Cheney?

Update: Bohammer noted that Dick Cheney was a part of the Project for a New American Century (a radical neocon think tank). You can find his signature here. Thanks for the heads up! Again, the question remains when did he change his tune and why? Did it have something to do with Halliburton and profits? Or was he lying then? It seems that there is this clip of Dick Cheney back in 1994. He is asked if he believes that we should have invaded Iraq. He says no. He lists all of the reasons that he now rejects. What changed? I

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