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Thursday News Round Up

Thursday news roundup Even if you were paying attention yesterday, you may have missed a couple big news items. First of all, Philip Zelikow, an aid to Condoleezza Rice when she was Secretary of State, messed up. He actually thought that the Constitution was the Constitution. He thought that because we sign treaties and have more than 200 years’ history of not embracing torture that that actually meant something. He thought, amazingly enough, that the Geneva conventions, which we signed, actually bind us to uphold them. That notion is kind of quaint and laughable now, but back in the day, he

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Jindal is digging the hole deeper

I found a story on DK the night of Governor Bobby Jindal’s Republican response that seemed to suggest that Jindal wasn’t in New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The story was picked up by TPM.  Politico’s Ben Smith noted the blog chatter and asked the Governor’s office for clarification. Governor Jindal’s office released this response: It was in the days following the storm. Sheriff Lee was a hero who worked tirelessly to rescue those in danger, and he didn’t take kindly to bureaucrats getting in his way. Really? Well, this clears up everything. We are sorry for… Wait a minute. What?  TPM

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