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Countdown – So what happens after Super Tuesday

Keith Olbermann discusses the confusion that will come out of Super Tuesday. I think that this will be good for the both parties. Please note how the Republicans keep reflecting backward to a better happier time. The Democrats are looking forward. This is a great thing. I hope that the trend continues. BTW, I’m still in the airport.

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After New Hampshire – Now what? part 2

I’ve taken a little while to ponder what happens with the Democrats following New Hampshire. Let’s start with the badness that is our prolonged campaign season. We were told that we would hear more nuanced discussion. We would have more debates and have a better opportunity to vet and evaluate our candidates. Horse hockey. It has not worked out that way. Instead, candidates have been encouraged to raise huge sums of money in order to flood the airwaves of the early states with their campaign ads. Therefore, the more money you have, the better chance you have of staying in the

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After New Hampshire – Now what?

In spite of what the the talking heads on the boob tube would like for us to believe, live and this race for the White House isn’t simple. It will not be easily explained by exit polls showing more women voted for X or Y. America is complex. This race will be complex. As I sit in the radiology suite looking at an angiogram of a gunshot victim, I’m stuck by stereotypes and how the MSM would like to label us. They would like to place us into a nice and neat box. For example, I bet most reading this post

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