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Sunday News Roundup

After 9/11 and the billions if not trillions of dollars that we spent in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world, one would figure that we would not support terrorism of any kind. I guess that’s not true. A new article by Seymour Hersh clearly suggests that not only are we training terrorists, we are exporting those terrorist other countries. I urge everyone to read this thoughtful and compelling article. (By the way, I deplore the foreign-policy axiom – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.) Veteran journalist Mike Wallace has died at the age of 93. There are only

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Navy Seal awarded the Medal of Honor

I continue to be amazed that performance of our brave men and women in the armed services. The rest of the government is falling down around us while the armed services seems to continue to perform at an extremely high level. If memory serves, this is the second Medal of Honor winner (I’m not sure that this is the correct term since you almost have to be injured or killed to get the award.) that I have mentioned on my blog from the Afghanistan/Iraq war conflicts.In the Vietnam film, The Boys in Company C., a grenade is thrown outside of a

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