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Justice for the Scott Sisters?

I’m not a lawyer, nor am I a judge, but I could smell something rotten from over a mile away. Several weeks ago, I read the story of Jamie and Gladys Scott. Bob Herbert highlighted the sisters in one of his columns. To me, this story screamed of a miscarriage of justice. Briefly, here’s their story: On December 24, 1993, Scott County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi arrested the sisters for an armed robbery they vehemently deny participation in. In 1994 they were convicted after being implicated in the crime by three young black men who confessed to the robbery in exchange

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I thought Obama was soft on terrorism

The FBI just arrested a Somali born teenager who wanted to detonate a bomb in Portland, Oregon. I’m kind of surprised at how much we know about the plot already. This young man contacted somebody in Pakistan who put him in touch with another man. This second man, an FBI informant/agent, was supposed to have information on how to make a bomb. The FBI sting was elaborate. The FBI proved the bomb was real. They took the young man to some deserted portion of Oregon and detonated a similar device. If you listen to the mainstream media, they would have us

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Logan Freed After Being Wrongly Jailed for 26 Years

Many of my conservative friends believe in capital punishment. They believe in their core that it is the right thing to do. In contrast, I hear stories like Alton Logan’s and I know that we are fallible, that we make mistakes. I know that good lawyers can get their guilty clients off and bad lawyers have trouble keeping their innocent clients out of jail. So, this brings us to Mr. Alton Logan, whowas accused of shooting and killing a security guard in 1982. It is unclear from reports how Logan came to the attention of the police, but he was arrested

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