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What's going on – News Roundup

Wednesday morning news Roundup Yesterday, stocks closed down slightly after a big rally early in the morning. Although financial stocks should have increased throughout the day, many stocks that make up the Dow Jones and industrial averages fell. PepsiCo announced that it would cut 3300 jobs and close six plants. Retail sales fell 1.2% in September. This is much more than the smart folks thought. We can always sit back and smile because our stock exchange is doing so much better than Iceland’s. The Iceland Stock exchange dropped 77% on Monday. This is after Iceland stopped trading for three days in order to let the markets

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McCain Says Obama Doesn't Understand

I don’t need to go to Iraq to understand that Kurds, Sunnis and Shia don’t like sharing the region. Just as you don’t have to go to Watts in Los Angles to know that it is an extremely dangerous neighborhood. I also don’t need to go to Iraq to understand that it was a mistake to invade that country in the first place. So, I really don’t follow Senator John McCain’s reasoning. Now, given Maliki’s stated position that the Iraqi government is to have U.S. troops out of their country by 2010, McCain is stuck again. McCain has only a couple

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