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Study finds Bush administration lied in lead up to war

This one was/is a no brainer. Anyone who has kinda been following the Bush Administration has to know this one. There have been 15 – 20 very good books written on the numerous lies that the Bush Administration used to sell the War. One of the best and most comprehensive books was Frank Rich’s The Greatest Story ever Sold. Well, there is now a formal study which has come to the same conclusion. The study was a joint project from the Center For Public Integrity and Fund For Independence in Journalism. Keith Olbermann discusses this study with Rachael Maddow of Air

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The best administration moves of 2007 to undermine the Constitution

I have been thinking about this for a little while. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Sam Alito, John Roberts and others have worked very hard to make Congress subservient to the Executive Branch. They have almost completely made the Courts part of the Executive Branch. So, what do you think was the Bush Administration’s best move (you may include anyone in the Executive, Judicial or Legislative branches of our government) to undermine our Constitution? There are several to chose from. I will chose the “best” answer and post it plus I will give the winner $100 gift certificate from Amazon.com. The winner

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Countdown – Administration keeps pressure on Iran

Look we have known about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for years. For over 10 years, we have known that they supported terrorism. Bush and the neocons (put Romney in that category) have opening written about their plans. They wanted to start a transformation in the Middle East. Iraq was just the start. Now, on to Iran. David Shuster is sitting in for Keith Olbermann. He interviews PJ Crowley from the Center for American Progress (PJ has been on my radio show. He is extremely knowledgeable and sensible.) ———– From CNN.com: The United States imposed stiff sanctions against Iran on Thursday, targeting

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