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We are paying more and not getting enough for our healthcare dollar

I said when this debate started that we, Americans, should not have to pay another dime. WE are paying enough. From DK: Via Nate, here are two pretty striking representations of the same data on the costs of healthcare, versus one measure of effectiveness of a system–life expectancy. The first one, originally from National Geographic’s NGM Blog Central demonstrates perhaps even more graphically how much of an outlier the U.S. is when it comes to spending per person on health care. The width of each of the lines, representing various countries, shows utilization of care, in terms of average doctor visits per year.

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Apple admits to funky accounting

From WaPo: Apple Computer disclosed yesterday that it had falsified approval of 7.5 million stock options for its chief executive and innovative co-founder, Steve Jobs, raising new questions about the role he may have played in a scandal that has swirled around the dynamic technology company for months. Apple said in a pair of overdue earnings filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had recorded a fictitious meeting at which Jobs’s options were ratified and that he may have recommended the dates for some of the stock options issued to company employees. The company repeated yesterday that Jobs did

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