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The Errington Thompson Show 5-03-08

We’ll be celebrating the fifth anniversary of Mission Accomplished. Guests include Congressmen David Price, who has just endorsed Barack Obama, and Jim Neal, who is running for Senate. Also, I can’t help it, I talk about the gas tax holiday because it may be the single worse idea of this campaign. This is a great show. Enjoy. By the way, I was on Liberal Oasis Radio on Saturday talking with Bill Scher about the NC primary.

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Mission Accomplished – 4 years later

On one hand it seems like only yesterday we were basking in the glow of victory with President Bush. I can tell you that I was happy that we were declaring victory. I was looking forward to the next speech tell us that our troops were coming home. Well, that speech never came. On the other hand, I’m a skeptic. As a trauma surgeon, my job is to see the down side. My job is to see what can go wrong and intervene. I never felt comfortable with the invasion of Iraq. I never thought that job in Afghanistan was completed.

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Exactly what mission was accomplished?

Yep, it was 4 years ago today that Sargent Pepper landed on the aircraft carrier.  Do you know the purpose of that landing?  On one hand, it was to show the American people that we had won.  On the other hand, it was a signal to our allies that they could join the party.  The reconstruction could begin.  All of those countries like France and Germany who wouldn’t join the coalition of the willing could now join in the profits of a stable Iraq.  Well, a funny thing happened on the way to peace, a war broke out.  None of our

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