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North Carolina is getting national attention

North Carolina is getting national attention and it is not the good kind. The following is from Think Progress. GOP Obliterates Voting Rights in North Carolina We’ve previously discussed the extremist takeover of North Carolina and the Moral Monday protests that have arisen in response. The extreme right-wing of the GOP that now apparently controls the state has rolled back decades of progress on nearly every issue in an apparent attempt to create some sort of you’re-on-your-own utopia for the rich, powerful and well-connected. By contrast, the state’s middle class and the poor will be, well, on their own. Last month,

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Thoughts on Dr. George Tiller (update)

I did not know Dr. George Tiller. I’m not sure if any my friends knew him. I do know that I’m deeply saddened by this act of violence. Dr. George Tiller, whether you believe in what he did or not, was the kind of physician we all would like to be. In the face of incredible danger, after being shot, after having his office bombed… he continued to serve his patients. His bravery needs to be commended. I guess my question tonight is: Where’s our government? There were some people out there (including Bill O’Reilly who did 29 separate segments on

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Brian Williams interviews Sarah Palin and John McCain

I guessed that this interview with John McCain and Sarah Palin was going to get juicier. The first segment of the interview was relatively boring, as we have become accustomed to Sarah Palin;s major gaffes. There was none to be had. There was none of the partisan rhetoric she’s has been spouting. Spooky. In tonight’s segment, Brian Williams asked about domestic terrorism. John McCain and Sarah Palin make a distinction between folks that bomb abortion clinics with, say, William Ayres. The distinction is, of course, artificial and relatively ridiculous. They point to the fact that there was a network of “terrorists.”

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