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North Carolina is getting national attention

North Carolina is getting national attention and it is not the good kind. The following is from Think Progress. GOP Obliterates Voting Rights in North Carolina We’ve previously discussed the extremist takeover of North Carolina and the Moral Monday protests that have arisen in response. The extreme right-wing of the GOP that now apparently controls the state has rolled back decades of progress on nearly every issue in an apparent attempt to create some sort of you’re-on-your-own utopia for the rich, powerful and well-connected. By contrast, the state’s middle class and the poor will be, well, on their own. Last month,

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Joe Lieberman isn't the problem

Look, unless we were blind and still living in the ’50s, we knew that the Senate was going to be a problem on healthcare legislation. We knew this back in March. Senator Harry Reid has had approximately nine months to come up with a strategy to pass a healthcare bill through the Senate. In the nine months, he was unable to garner one Republican vote. He’s been unable to garner enough Democratic votes to stave off a filibuster. If, by some chance, he can procedurally outmaneuver Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln, he probably has 54 votes to

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