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How about Domestic Spying before 9-11?

This revelation of over the weekend completely blew away the President’s argument that he only wants these powers to keep us safe.  Horse Hockey.  According to a NYT article, the NSA asked for telephone records in February of 2001.   We also know that Verizon has return over records without a court order.  I’m guessing that no one believes in privacy any more. ——– From TMP: Joseph Nacchio, the former CEO of Qwest Communications, delivered a pair of twin bombshells last week, when he asserted in a court filing that the National Security Agency had approached Qwest six months before 9/11

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Bush primetime 9-11 speech

Do you see anything new in this speech?  Why? Why did he call a prime time news conference if he had nothing new to say? Addendum (9/12):  maybe, just maybe if you have nothing new to say then maybe you are trying to say something old.  Maybe you’re trying to say something they said before.  Maybe President Bush and the rest of his administration are telling us loud and clear that they have failed.  Although some of the people that planned the 9/11 attacks have been arrested or killed, the true masterminds continue to taunt us from the hills of northern

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9-11 remembered

What can you say about the fifth anniversary of September 11?  What could be adequate?  As a trauma surgeon, when ever there is a disaster, there is almost always a role for a trauma surgeon.  I remember feeling, very helpless.  I remember feeling confused, bewildered, overwhelmed and numb.  I like millions of Americans sat in front of the TV for hours. Before 9/11, I did know something about Osama bin Laden.  I had read a little bit about the bombings in Africa.  I knew about his fatwa.  I knew that he was serious and determined.  Since 9/11, I’ve tried to become

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