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More Lies from John Yoo

I don’t tend to read the Wall Street Journal My excuse is that I can’t read everything.  It has been brought to my attention that John Yoo has written an op-ed defending his memos. Anonymous Liberal (a lawyer) has a long and thoughtful post which dismantles Yoo’s arguments. The following is from AL: In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, John Yoo has an op-ed defending himself from the malpractice charges set forth in the recent Inspecter General’s report. As with the opinions themselves, the op-ed is deeply disingenuous and misstates the law repeatedly. Not surprisingly, Yoo begins the op-ed with a

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Truth or Consequences – Mukasey style

When you look back over the last 7 or so years, it is amazing the amount of lying and deceit that has shoveled out for the American people to digest. The latest comes from Michael Mukasey, who while trying to defend amnesty for the telecoms, tells a tale that sounds like we learned about a pre-9/11 conversation that should have been tapped but was not. This conversation was from a terrorist haven to a 9/11 hijacker. Here’s what Michael Mukasey said, “We knew that there has been a call from someplace that was known to be a safe house in Afghanistan

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