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NFL week one: Hits and Misses

I’m not sure that I had many expectations for week one. The NFL suffered a strike with the subsequent lockout. Both sides looked like they had dug in for the long haul. Suddenly, somebody came to their senses and an agreement was made and there was a shortened training camp season. Therefore, I wasn’t expecting much. Pre-season looked like bad college football at times. I was pleasantly surprised that week one was much better than I thought it would be. So, here are my thoughts at the end of week one. Hits In my opinion, the NFL was the big winner.

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First Lady underscores the importance of the EPA

Many of our government employees have an extremely low morale. It is no wonder after endurring eight years of Bush rule. Michelle Obama went to the Environmental Protection Agency to give them a much needed pep talk. Watch:

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Biden: The Silence Was Deafening

Tomorrow, I will chat with Dwight Mullen, UNCA Professor of Political Science, on the Errington Thompson Show (streamed at www.880therevolution.com Saturday morning at 9 am EST). We will talk about the Democratic and Republican conventions. Joe Biden is correct. The Republicans didn’t talk about issues. They talked about America and how much more they love America. They talked about fighting as an outsider in spite of the fact that they controlled Congress for most of the last 8 years. They still control the White House, yet they are trying to convince us that they are the outsiders. Next they are going

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