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NFL: Week 2 – a few thoughts

Dallas is trying to lose¬†lost to the Seattle Seahawks. As good as Dallas looked last week, they were/are that bad this week. Seattle created turnovers and then wore down the Dallas defense. Tony Romo and the offense were pretty bad. The special teams for the Cowboys were very special. They gave up a fumble which led to a field, and then they allowed a blocked punt, leading to a touchdown… all in the opening quarter. I would like to tell you that the Cowboys hung tough and fought their way back into the game, but I would be lying. The defense

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NFL week 14: Dallas Cowboys

Some things in the NFL are head scratchers. Other things are pretty clear. For the last two weeks, the Dallas Cowboys have lost in the closing minutes of the game because they were unable to perform a relatively long field goal. Many people who hate Tony Romo and are still longing for Troy Aikman will point to his performance once again as evidence that he cannot get it done “in the clutch.” Those haters will look at his 21-31 performance for 321 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions as nothing special. Instead, they will point to a third-down play late in

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