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What mission in 2005?

Yesterday Obama said what I thought was a realistic goal of getting the terrorists where ever they are. If there are in Florida. Get them there. If they are in London, get them there. If they are in Pakistan, get them there. The other thing that he said that was very interesting was that he mentioned an aborted opportunity to get top Al Qaeda leadership in 2005. I hadn’t heard of this. Here’s the deal – Osama and his gang were meeting in Pakistan and Bush administration officials didn’t go after him. Where are the hawks now? I would love to

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Where's the Outrage – Newsletter May 2005

Where’s the Outrage? May 2005* A huge showdown is brewing in the Senate over President Bush’s judicial appointments. Senatorial tensions over this process are especially pronounced since it is very likely that later in the summer at least one member of the Supreme Court will be stepping down. This type of thing happens almost weekly in the House, but the 100-person Senate has always been more collegial. Compromise has been the hallmark of the Senate for over two hundred years. Now, it is looking as though High Noon is approaching.

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Where's the Outrage – Newsletter April 2005

Where’s the Outrage?* April 2005 Pope John Paul II has died. I believe the passing of this extraordinary man of God is an opportune moment for all people, including a Methodist like me, to reflect on his life, his actions and his faith. John Paul made the papacy relevant once more on the world stage. He was truly a world leader. He helped to inspire changes in his native country that led to Polish independence. He spurred similar developments in Chile (1). Some historians have even given Pope John Paul credit for the fall of the Soviet Union. Besides having a

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