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I was clicking around today and I found this entry in Wikipedia – the music video for “Gentleman”, the latest single by PSY, has set a world record with over 38 million single-day page views? Really? Who is this guy? Artist: Psy Tune: Gentleman Okay. If you’re going to tell me that this is really, really popular, I’ll believe you, but… We’ve heard that song, we’ve heard this beat, we’ve heard… This is nothing but disco. The late 1970s have returned.

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Another disappointment – Green Lantern

My seven-year-old grandson is in town and I therefore have an excuse to see lots of movies. If you’re familiar with the comic book, the Green Lantern is a fabulous story. Basically, the ring chooses this guy because this guy has incredible courage in the face of danger. He uses the ring to fight evil. Nice basic premise. Hollywood seems to have a problem turning a simple basic premise into a movie. They feel they need to go into long, elaborate explanations. The movie spends way too much time telling us how our hero got the ring and then there’s the

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Why Goldman Sucks

Besides being very proud of myself for the pun, I’m still distressed at Goldman Sachs raking in record profits. I heard on Left, Right and Center, Mike Murphy say something like what is good for Sachs is good for the country. What? Wall Street has divorced itself from the rest of the country. They are living in the lap of luxury while the rest of America has been really struggling. As usual, Paul Krugman puts all of this into perspective. Krugman (emphasis is mine): First, it tells us that Goldman is very good at what it does. Unfortunately, what it does is bad for America.

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