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Is the USS Limbaugh sinking?

Let me say that I’m shocked that Rush Limbaugh issued anything besides a big FU on Saturday. Sure, his apology was crap, but it was much more than I ever thought. Rush Limbaugh hasn’t been humbled since it looked like he was going to jail for his oxycontin habit. Somehow he weathered that storm. This current storm seems to be something else entirely. 14 advertisers have dropped Rush. 14! Two radio stations have also dropped him. I’m blown away. It is time for women to wake up. They have to understand what’s going on. The way that I see it, Rush Limbaugh and

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Hot and Dry

From ClimateProgress: Parts of West Texas, Oklahoma and adjoining states are suffering from a drought that rivals the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.  Some scientists say this is a kind of “global weirding” heralding climate change. Were it not for the Biblical flooding of the Mississippi River and, well, Biblical whirlwinds slamming the Midwest, the “hellish” side of Hell and High Water would be the big news.  Last month a “record breaking 1.79 million acres burned across the country” and most of that was in Texas, NOAA reported. The Houston Chronicle reported this week, “Texas’ farmers and ranchers are coping with their eighth drought in

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What's Going On: Evening Edition of News Round Up

Nothing is safe: Tomatoes, lettuce, and now, Jalapeños have salmonella. What’s next – Air? Oh, right, most of the air that we breathe in our major cities is already toxic. I forgot. Obama is kicking butt and talking the talk in Iraq. I hope that all of those folks that were whining about Obama’s commitment to withdrawal are now eating crow. Please notice the silence from the Right as they try to formulate a plan to stay in Iraq for several more months, years, or even decades. In NFL news, all-World defensive end Jason Taylor gets traded to the Washington Redskins

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