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Slick Conoco Phillips commercial is leading us away from renewable energy

Wow, what a fabulously misleading commercial. I saw this commercial for the first time about three or four weeks ago. I was struck by its look and feel. Then, I saw it a couple more times. I guess the initial polling on this commercial did extremely well. I’ve seen it so often now as to feel the need to break this commercial down little by little. [display_podcast] First of all, we see a classroom with five people in it. We are to assume that there are three students, one teacher and one janitor/maintenance man. No one identifies himself/herself, but these are

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Praying for Lara Logan’s recovery

I didn’t know Lara Logan personally. I have followed her career as she has bravely covered the events in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was on the Daily Show 2 years ago where she was fearless in her discussion of Afghanistan. Remember 100 years ago when Donald Rummy and the gang were saying that the media was only reporting the bad stuff that happened in Iraq? Lara slapped that charge right back in Rumsfeld’s face. I remain deeply saddened by her attack in Cairo on Friday. In the chaos, she got separated from her team. Well, you can read it: Logan, a

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More on the Conservative Tax Rant

There is a lot to talk about today. I thought the President Obama’s speech was outstanding. Many people talked about it (here, here and here). I really don’t want to rehash that. Sarah Palin released an eight-minute video yesterday. The contrast between her and President Obama could not have been greater. There was also this national scene of unity in Tucson. I find it interesting that House Majority Leader John Boehner decided, in spite of a presidential invitation, not to attend. He had a scheduling conflict. He had a fundraiser to attend. This wasn’t mandatory but I think it reveals one’s

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