DFA Endorsements

The 2006 election season is upon us!  In keeping with Democracy For America’s goal of supporting fiscally responsible, socially progressive candidates at all levels of government, Asheville DFA is pleased to announce the following candidate endorsements:
  • Van Duncan, Democratic candidate for Sheriff of Buncombe County. 
  • Susan Fisher, Democratic candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives, District 114.
  • Doug Jones, Democratic candidate for North Carolina House of  Representatives, District 116.

Now the fun part begins!  We all want better democracy for America, right?  Well, let’s get busy and do some work for candidates who are going to help us on that path to better democracy.  Starting September 6th and continuing until the elections, Asheville DFA will be busy getting these candidates elected.  It’ll be some hard work, but as anyone who worked on Asheville DFA’s campaigns for city council candidates last year can tell you, it’s also pretty fun.  And it’s awfully satisfying to help good people like Van, Susan and Doug get elected.  So come out to Asheville DFA’s next meeting, 7:00PM Wedensay, September 6th at the West Asheville Library, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to work!

For more information on our endorsed candidates, see the following web sites:




Thank you for your attention. 

Danielle Landriscina
Asheville DFA

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