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The Detroit Lions are showing the NFL on national television exactly how bad they really are. Yes, the Tennessee Titans are good, very good…but the Lions are really bad. The NFL hasn’t seen this kind of bad since Tampa Bay entered the league back in the early 70s.

The Dallas Cowboys will need to show the league that they are back. Kyle Koser is out. That’s not good. I now expect the Cowboys to win. The key is how they win. Will this be a Tony Romo turnover fest before we pull it out in the last minute? I hope not. I hope that the defense continues to improve and shuts down the Seattle offense. The Dallas offense needs to be efficient with a good running and passing game. I would love for Roy Williams and Terrell Owens to have a great game. Finally, the Cowboys’ special teams need to show up for the first time this year.

Arizona and Philadelphia play this evening. If Donovan McNabb has a good game, this will be a very good game. Both teams are good on offense…as long as their quarterbacks are playing well. Kurt Warner is having a great season. Arizona’s defense isn’t dominating. Philadelphia’s defense can be run on. So it is really up to the quarterbacks as I see it. Look for McNabb and Warner to have great games as they bounce back from last week. I think the pressure will get to Warner and make the difference in the this game.


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  1. Hello!

    As much as I would like to say something relevant to the NFL, I know nothing at all about sports and can only name about four positions on a football team…safety…running back…forward and quarterback.

    So I’ll just say:
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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