My goodness, (I got the phrase from Donald Rumsfeld) what a season!  I’m not really a golf fan but Tiger Woods is a superstar (define superstar as someone who you just have to watch).  He was simply great. 


In an announcement that featured less surprise than the Britney/K-Fed breakup, Tiger Woods was named the 2006 PGA Tour Player of the Year on Tuesday. That’s right: The seasons change, the Earth continues spinning on its axis and Tiger Woods earns a postseason award. All is right with the world once again.

Those holding their breath may now confidently exhale. The rest of us will continue debating the merits of Woods’ season as compared with the greatest in PGA Tour history. After all, we live in a world of rankings and lists, where players’ feats are consistently measured against their own previous bests, against those of their peers, against legendary all-time marks, and it’s fitting that Tiger’s latest journey sparks similar cogitation.