So, look. I’m a Tiger Woods fan. I think that he is the best golfer that I have ever seen. He can do some amazing things with a golf ball.

The golfers before Woods who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom are Arnold Palmer. Jack Nicholas. Charlie Sifford. (Charlie Sifford was the first Black man to play the PGA tour. Yep, he deserved the medal.)

Tiger Woods isn’t any of those guys. Tiger Woods is a great golfer. That’s it. He is not an ambassador for good. Woods didn’t create a path for others to follow. He has not invest his riches in the inner city. Yes, he has a charity just like every other successful golfer. Can anyone tell me what his charity does? Is it a game changer? No. He has changed the tour for the better but that really doesn’t get one the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Tiger has been rewarded because he is friends with Trump and Trump needed to change the narrative away from the Mueller Report and North Korea. Remember Tiger and Trump have played golf together. As far as I know, Tiger has never played with Barack Obama.

There are some athletes that have rolled up their sleeves and are trying to change the communities their grew up in. That ain’t Tiger. Tiger is a focused golfer. He can putt, chip, pitch and drive better than most. (Pun intended.)

As I told a friend of mine, I look at Tiger, kind of like, I look at Clint Eastwood. I forgive Clint Eastwood who is a great director, actor and movie maker, but who is also a tool for the Republican Party. Tiger Woods is all about Tiger. He is one of the best golfers in the history of the game. Period. Does he deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom? No.