Let me tell you a tale of a young man, Vince Young, who was on the top of the world and who is now trying to stay in the league. Remember Vince Young carrying his Texas Longhorns to victory over the USC Trojans? It was one of the great college performances, but for those with an eye on the NFL, like me, we saw a flaw. Vince Young was tall, strong and fast, but he wasn’t accurate with the ball. He beat USC with his feet. This isn’t good.

So, Vince Young gets drafted in the first round, the sixth pick. He was carrying the hopes and dreams of the Tennessee Titans on his shoulders. The ideal situation developed. He was going to be under the wing of all-pro veteran quarterback Steve McNair (Steve McNair was known for throwing the deep bomb and developed into a great NFL quarterback). This was great. It was perfect. Then something happened. Steve was traded. Vince was elevated to the starter. Over the next five years, we saw flashes of brilliance. We saw raw talent that never seemed to develop into a great, or even a good, NFL quarterback. We have seen temper tantrums. We have seen the inability of getting the ball out on time. Vince Young doesn’t seem to have the ability to find his second and third receivers. This isn’t good.

Last year with the Philadelphia Eagles, Vince Young started three games. He had four touchdowns and nine interceptions. His QB rating was just over 60. Andy Reid and the Eagles have given up on Vince Young. Now, he has signed a one year contract with the Buffalo Bills. Vince Young is just about done in the NFL. It is kind of a sad tale. Just six years ago, Vince Young was on top of the world. Now, he is fighting for the second or third string spot behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.