The Mavs are now causing nausea 2 – 2

I don’t get it.  The Mavericks for 2 and 3/4 games looked unbeatable.  Shaq looked old.  Wade looked not ready for primetime.  Now, there is no defensive.  Wade looks as if he has nuclear powered legs.  Dirk can’t buy a basket.  Terry.  Josh Howard who was everywhere the first 2 games can hit the boards or a layup.  Dampeir who was getting the best of Shaq all over the court looked slow and confused.  Look at the numbers rebounds 48 – 36.  3 – 22 for 3-pointers!?!?!?!?  31.6% from the floor?  No one can win with numbers like these.  Nowitzki 2 – 14 from the floor.  Oh the nausea is returning.   

Maybe all the Mavs need is an additional’s day of rest.  Maybe.  All in know is that another game like this and Pepto Bismal will not control my neasea. 

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  1. Stackhouse sustained for Game 5. Mavericks are up against the ropes. They are going to have to rope-a-dope in Game 5 in order to win this series.

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