Romo's turn

Vernon Bryant / DMN Photo Staff

The Cowboys need something.  A spark.  They also need to learn how to block.  It doesn’t matter who the quarterback or running back is if the offensive line can’t or won’t block. Tom Brady is immobile.  He has an offensive line.  Michael Vick is mobile and has been complaining about all of the hits that he has taken.  He wants to stay in the pocket. 

So, it is Tony Romo’s turn to step up to the plate.  I wish him well.  I hope that this is the spark that the Cowboys need.  Starting against the Panthers isn’t the way that most quarterback would like to ease into the league.  Julius Peppers is playing better than ever. 

Of course, Tony Romo isn’t going to be able to fix the defense of the Cowboys.  Jake Delhomme is famous for the deep passes that the Cowboys can’t stop.  This could be another ugly game.

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

Dr. Thompson is a surgeon, scholar, full-time sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats.


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