I thought the Atlanta Falcons would find a way to win against the New York Giants. Basically, the Atlanta Falcons cannot find any offense whatsoever. The defensive line for the New York Giants rose to the occasion. They stuffed the run (Michael Turner – 15 attempts/41 yards) and they got after the quarterback. They harassed Matt Ryan all day long. They hit the quarterback four times, they pressured the quarterback nine times and they had two sacks. The defensive line of the New York Giants is the key to their whole football team. If their defensive line dominates, it covers up some problems with their secondary. This is exactly what happened last week. It was an extremely impressive performance.

In my opinion, the game really hinged on a fourth, one in which the Falcons decided to go for it midway through the third quarter. I completely agreed with the decision to go for it. The game was quickly slipping away from the Atlanta Falcons and they needed a spark. What I thought was completely nuts was the play that was called. Atlanta had an empty backfield formation with Michael Turner, all 240 pounds of him, sitting on the bench. (Well, that’s not really true. He was standing on the sidelines.) Matt Ryan tried a quarterback sneak, which was completely, 100% stuffed. I simply don’t understand the call. If you could run the ball, you should/ve run with Michael Turner. If you believed that your offensive line was getting killed, and they were, then you needed to throw the ball. You have future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, who still runs good routes and can catch the ball in traffic. Roddy White is somewhat suspect because he can drop the ball from time to time. You paid a lot of money to Julio Jones, he is 6’3″ tall and is supposed to be “a beast.” Throw the ball to him!!!! They did neither.

Congratulations to the New York Giants. They seem to be peaking at exactly the right time.

If I were the Atlanta Falcons, I would have to do a lot of head scratching in the off season. Is Matt Ryan my quarterback? Do I need better play from a quarterback and therefore need somebody else? Why did the offensive line crumble? Do I need a better scheme or better players? How do I fix my secondary? Atlanta needs to fix these issues or they are never going to get past the Saints, the Packers and the Giants.